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Mighty mac compost shredder grinder - farm & and mower is a great suggestion, especially for the smaller diameter branches, leaves, etc. I'm still hesitant to consider it my main shredder/grinder. It all comes down to the size of ...

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Compost Grinder - Simple trACtors

"MIGHTY MAC" COMPOST SHREDDER GRINDER . TRACTOR POWERED: TRACTOR MOUNTED: Click for a closer view: MODEL 9-AC for Allis-Chalmers Riding Tractors, Series 100, 200 and 300. Mounts to most Allis Chalmers Tractors. By using our shredder-grinder you can process leaves, flower stalks, corn stalks, weeds, manure, garbage, weed vines, grape vines, hedge cuttings, tree pruning .

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Compost Grinder For Home Use - osteopathie .

Compost like a pro with the durable and convenient Spring and and garden debris, grind it, and recycle it as mulch or compost. Our "Mac" was thinking "Green" before green was anything more than a color! Another first was the interchangeable grinding screens for greater reduction and a centrifugal clutch to make starting the shredder easier. Later he enhanced ...

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